Thursday, May 21, 2009

Added information

Hey friends,

I have booked for the Fireman and I booked under my name su fen, so those who come early can tell the waiter. I have booked in front of the Fireman show stage..good ah...

I want to remind everyone again Plz be punctuate. Arrive at 6pm, latest 6.15pm if you want to enjoy the buy 3 free 1 promotion. The promotion is valid until 6pm only, so I need everyone who is going to be in time. I have exact numbers of pp to enjoy the promotion, late pp will have to pay RM 19.90++(and will 害人哦) while those arrive in time only pay RM17.25 after tax (all excluded drinks).

This is all I can do to get the cheapest price for you all and try to make the gathering a successful 1. Hope you all enjoy 2ml.



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